Jason Momoa Very Interested In Recreating “Twins” Next To Peter Dinklage

If you’ve never known about “Twins” that is alright, in the fact that it was produced 30 years ago.

However, if you would like to watch a modern version of it, then you are in luck, since Jason Momoa is very interested to get it going.

On the off chance that you didn’t see the first motion picture…


Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito play brotherly twins named Vincent and Julius.

They were made as a test, isolated during childbirth who in the long run locate one another.


At Fan Fest, the thought was raised to Momoa.

Twitter | @ksatnews

His reaction:

“Reveal to me where to sign! Totally. That’d stun. I cherish that motion picture.” he said.


It would intrigue see them on screen together.


Particularly since we never got the opportunity to see them together on Game of Thrones.


What are your thoughts?


Is this something that you would need to see?

Perhaps Emilia Clarke could show up in the motion picture!

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